I Look Like A Dork, But At Least Everyone Else Does, Too

My choir uniform is bizarre. Here is a diagram of it if you don't believe me.

The red robe is actually fun.

But what we wear under it is dreadful.

We wear white polo shirts with the choir logo in red. They aren't too bad.

The worst part is the skirts.

The boys are lucky. They wear pants. There is an older group that wears tuxedos and dresses. Those are cool. And the younger kids all wear pants and tuxedo shirts.

But the girls? Out of luck. We wear these horrible black skirts over black opaque tights. And we have to tuck the polos into our skirts. If we weren't all so darn youthful, we could look like we were in our 60's.

Today I had a mandatory dress rehearsal for our Holiday Concert.

After we finished, I was starving, so my mom took me to a grocery store to get something for lunch. I decided it would be fun to wear the whole uniform in, including the robe, and count how many funny looks I got while wearing it.

The thing is, people do look at you funny if you wear a polo shirt tucked into a long, ugly black skirt, and a red robe. Especially on a weekend.

It was fun.


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