I Am The Chosen One. I Am The Girl Who Lived.

Wednesday it was SOOO windy. It was like a Category 3 storm. I may/may not be exaggerating a leeeeeeeettle bit.  But that's beside the point.

I was standing outside, under a huge tree. It is a huge tree. I mean huge. I was holding a hula hoop like it could shield me from the flying debris, which of course it didn't. My eyes were closed. (See Diagram 1 below.)


My eyes were closed, so I didn't see the dead branch fall off of the big tree.  It could have killed me.

But it didn't.

It hit my ARM.
(See Diagram 2 below.)


And then I was like,

(That is me saying, "I'M ALIVE! THEREFORE, I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!")


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