My Spring Break

My spring break hasn't been fantastic, but I did get some new clothes. I'm still searching for a dress to wear for my school graduation. I did, however get 3 new pairs of really cute shoes.  I also got a black and gold shirt at TJ Maxx.  The original price tag said $68.  The price tag at TJ Maxx said $17. I got that shirt for 1/4 of the price.

I also went to the J with a friend. It was fun. We exercised for a bit, then we went swimming. We saw one of the boys we go to school with in the pool.  Well, I didn't really see him because I wasn't wearing my glasses, so maybe that was poor word choice.  We met one of the boys we go to school with in the pool.  Yeah, that's better.

That's really all I've done this past week. I've still got another week left of break; I hope it's better. (Hahaha, I just used a semicolon!)


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