But It's Only August 19th!

Is what my mom keeps telling me. There's also "But Halloween is 2 months away! We'll get you an owl in time!"

Key words: Halloween. Owl.

What does this mean to you? And don't say Harry Potter, because I was Hermione last year. And there's this too about that.

Seriously? Oh my god. Is that a hint?

I'm going to be Athena! If you don't know who Athena is, she's the Greek goddess of wisdom, and one of my fictional idols. Here are some pictures.

Here is her story:

Athena, otherwise known as Minerva is a daughter of the god Zeus and the Titan's daughter Metis, who was Titaness of prudence. Zeus swallowed her in the form of a fly so that if she had a boy, he would not overthrow Zeus.
She had a girl.
My theory is that Athena grew up inside her father's head.
One day Zeus had a really really bad headache. So Hephaestus, the god of fire, took a hammer and split Zeus's head open. Out came Athena fully grown dressed in full battle armor with gray eyes. For more of her story check out this book I like. Here's a picture link. And here's an Amazon link.


Maureen said...

Wow, I think Athena is a great idea for a costume!!! My daughter was Hermione one year too... I love Halloween and loved making costumes for our entire family. Better to be too early than too late in getting started!

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