Ladies And Gentlemen, I Have An Announcement!

After about a year of saving cans, we finally turned them in! We expected about five dollars to come out of the whole thing. Boy, were we wrong.

We made 10 dollars!


My mom matched the money so we have 20 dollars!

We took pictures of all the ridiculously cool things. Here they are:

These are blocks of aluminum cans I think, quite like what I brought in.

This is me putting a bag of cans into a wheelbarrow thingy that they used to weigh the cans.

More me putting the cans in.

This is the machine that made the cans into giant blocks. It was a bit like WALL-E the movie.

More of the machine.

I hope this post has inspired you to recycle. I am going to save more cans
because it was so cool!


feefifoto said...

Visting a recycling center is so cool!

Daisy said...

Good job! I am so happy that you recycle. Every little bit helps the earth.

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