Welcome Cupcake Bakery Customers

Welcome to my readers and Cupcake's readers. Cupcake's gone for another week and a half so you're stuck with me. I'm still getting up to three letters a day from her, which makes up for the fact that I get only two letters a week from her brother. All of her letters have a continuing theme: she misses me.

Yay! She misses me. I miss her too.

But... Sob! She's sad.

I do what I can to bring her a smile. I sent her a card game, a roll of duct tape, and a couple of enormous water guns. The card game came back because the camp has a no package policy (except for books and magazines), which I had forgotten; the boys' camp is much less strict about enforcement, so I've always gotten away with sending her brother goofy stuff without even realizing I was breaking the rules.

So I bought an armload of books, which I'll send tomorrow. Take that, camp regulations!

I also sent her and her friend each a letter. Cupcake's letter contained 25 riddles, while friend's letter contained 25 answers. Clever, huh?

Check out my blog for the true Hollywood story of how Cupcake learned to ride a bicycle.


Ewww, you are a crafty mom sending those two letters. Isn't it great to be missed by your kids? Happy summer to you all!

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