Greek Speak Starts Tomorrow!

Okay, I said I'd explain. It's at a Greek Orthodox church. But I am Jewish. I went to Greece this summer. One of the teachers at my school inspired me to learn Greek. I started researching. My mom helped out too. She called someone who knows the Greek stuff. She recommended a Greek church. My mom kept researching. One day, she announced it just like she announced that she'd gotten my brother a piano teacher oh so long ago.

"Hi Cupcake! Guess what I got you!"

"What? A new car? A million dollars? A bunny? Oh, thankya thankya thankya mom!"

"No... Guess again."

"Okay, I give up."


"YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! That's even better! But I still want a bunny."

It starts at 5:45 and ends at 7:00 every Tuesday. Because it will be so late, my mom's getting my "Emergency Cell-Phone" all ready. We're so excited!


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