So I know it's not Halloween yet, but let me tell you about the school day. (Or at least, just the Halloween costumes.)

I'm going to give awards to all my friends for their great costumes.

Funniest: the unplanned trio of ketchup, mustard, and a hot dog
No, not that realistic

Buddiest: the Twister Twins, who wore spinners on their heads, Twister mat dresses, and go-go boots
Make this x2

Most Thrilling: Michael Jackson
Also the scariest person award

Most Appealing: Banana boy
Love this picture!

Most Magical: The two Hermiones
Way overused.

Best Costume Overall: ME! (And my friend, because our costumes go together.)

MeGuess who?

My mom's friend's son was corn. He wanted to win the corniest prize. I wonder if he won. I wonder if I can find a picture.


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