1 Week!

Yes, that's right!

1 week left of school!!!  And then I will be immersed in summer!!! And I will be in sixth grade!!! W00 H00!!!

I decided that I like writing in big fonts. Hehehe!!!

Summer homework will be arriving on my doorstep any day now. Grr!!!  But in August, so, so long ago, I promised myself that I would make sure that my homework was done before the last day of summer.

And so, it will be.



You are so lucky you have summer holidays in a week! I have half term holidays thankfully next week, but then I have 7 whole weeks gruelling at school... If that's even a word?

GiGi said...

Awesome! I only have to finish out this week before school's over. Technically I still have the self-paced courses, but whatever. :D

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