I Fell Out Of My Chair... Laughing

My mom was reading The New York Times when my eyes fell upon three chipmunks. One in red, one in green, one in blue. I pulled out the page: It was a review on Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel. I started reading the review excitedly. Here is my favorite paragraph:

"The Eastern chipmunk can produce two litters a year, with up to five young each. Thus within a decade, since cartoon chipmunks never die, there will be thousands of talking, singing chipmunks running around the animation universe, far more than the ecosystem can tolerate. They will begin showing up everywhere: stampeding through 'The Simpsons,' mucking up Japanese anime, driving Clifford the Big Red Dog bonkers. Earplug sales will soar as they sing their electronically manipulated heads off."

That just made my day. Click here to read the whole review.



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