What's This?

Yes, you may be saying that.

This is a countdown to my Bat Mitzvah. (Visit my mom's blog if you don't know what a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is.)

Yes, we got the date for my Bat Mitzvah today! And, the coolest thing is, it falls exactly on my 13th birthday! That's possible because my birthday will be on a Saturday. Isn't that great? I know, I'm only nine, almost ten, but we need to know.

Oh, speaking of grandmas, here's what mine said today:

Me: "Hi Grandma!"

Her: "Hello!"

Me: "How're ya doin?"

Her: "Fine."

Me: "Grandma, guess what!"

Her: "What?"

Me: "My Bat Mitzvah is on January 5, 2013!"

Her: "That's great! Let me go write that down."

At this point, I repeated this to Ms. Witty and Big Pain, who, of course, burst out laughing.

My grandma's so organized, she has a checklist for cooking Thanksgiving dinner!

I love her!

Aren't you so happy for me?


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