In Which I Am Almost A Bat Mitzvah

My Bat Mitzvah is tomorrow! So is my 13th birthday, and I've only gotten one birthday card. It's only slightly offensive.

I'm not nervous yet, which is kind of disturbing. I mean, my Bat Mitzvah is tomorrow and I have been sleeping well and everything! Not a single butterfly in my stomach! That's what I find unsettling.

But still, my birthday is tomorrow! I'm 4748/4749 of a teenager. (Stop looking so impressed. I used a date calculator to find that number.

So, wish me happy birthday, good luck, and mazel tov! Buh-bye, now!


Nix Azrael said...

Aww. Well, please accept (in order) my condolences about your lack of birthday cards, my birthday greetings to make up for the lack thereof, and congratulations and good luck and . . . hmm . . . did I miss anything?

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