Coming Home

I just spent 4 days in New Orleans with my mom.  We toured and shopped and it was great.  The best part was the food.  I'm going to dream about bananas foster and chocolate freezes for weeks.

When we got home, we waited in the airport because Big Pain's plane was coming in 15 minutes after ours.  We stood at the exit of the gate waiting for him to come, and couldn't help noticing there was a large group of people waiting at the exit, including people holding signs, American flags, and there was even a woman holding a very new baby.  At first we weren't sure who they were greeting, but we soon figured out that they were greeting a soldier.  There was a TV camera and everyone cheered as he came through the exit. It was heartwarming.

It's nice to be home, and I hope that every soldier got a welcome that warm as the one we saw at the airport.  Merry late Christmas and Happy (Even though it's over) Hanukka and have a great new year if I'm not on again before then.


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