Winter Choir Concert

Yesterday was my choir's "holiday" concert. It's mainly a Christmas concert but holiday concert sounds nicer.

My choir was the fifth group to perform. We were the last group before intermission and we sang our little hearts out. Not so little, actually. There are high-schoolers in the group.

During intermission, we (well, at least I did) practiced for our audience carol, Angels We Have Heard on High, in which all the groups come out to sing the finale when Angels We Have Heard on High is over. It was really fun.

My grandparents came, and so did my aunt and uncle, and the soldier that my grandparents met at the symphony once and kind of adopted. He's really nice. My music teacher came, too, because we had extra tickets.

According to my mother, this was the best concert I have been in in the five years I have been in the choirs. My only regret is that I did not get to see the younger kids perform A Charlie Brown Christmas. I heard it was really funny.


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