Feeling Saintly

Today my mother and I went to Kmart. I have never been to Kmart before, and we weren’t even there to shop.

We went to the Layaway counter and paid off all but a few cents of two layaway accounts.

See, we read this article about a woman who walked into Kmart and asked to pay off layaway accounts. She paid for three, and they all included children’s toys.

That was really inspirational to us. And it wasn’t just us who was inspired to do that. People all around the country have done it. Three of them:

One of them

Another one

One more

When we went to the counter and asked if we could pay off layaway accounts, the woman at the counter was baffled. She didn’t understand what we were doing, but she went with it. The second woman to come to the counter knew what we were doing. She thought it was great, and called it “Secret Santas.” Strangely enough, as she was helping us, another Secret Santa came in to do the same thing. She brought us a list of accounts, and we chose two to pay. We left a penny on both of them.

I feel absolutely saintly.

So does my mother.


Nix Azrael said...

I thought you were going to say something about George Weasley and his comment about the hole in his ear. :P Apparently not.

Lynn Phillips said...

You are awesome. And so is your mom. :-)

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