I'm A Klutz

You've met my mother, the chief klutz at her blog, http://klutzcapacitor.com/.

People tell me I'm like her. She tells me I'm like her.

I am definitely as klutzy as her. I fell down three, count 'em, THREE times Friday.

Fall number 1:  I was leaning against a pole. My feet slid a bit in the snow, but i kept my balance. Until I didn't. And then my feet slid straight forward, and I plummeted straight down. I admit, it probably looked really funny.

Fall number 2:  (Only about 15 minutes later.) We were walking back to class, and I stepped up onto a rock, and I slid straight off.  It really hurt, but two girls in my class helped me walk injured-football-player style to the nurse.  There was a rip in the side of my pants.My leg really hurt and I had some really bad scratches.

My friends were REALLY nice, and they even helped me fix up my pants.  We didn't sew it, but we took a few safety pins and used them to help pin together the hole.  It looked really cool, especially because my pants were black jeans.

The third fall was really minor, just me slipping down a stair.  No big deal.

I'm totally milking this "I INJURED MY LEG" thing.

Bet you're proud of me, huh mom?


Klutz Capacitor said...

*snif* I'm so proud.

You forgot to mention that all this slipping and falling occurred on Friday the 13th.

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