School Starts... Sort Of.

Today was my first day back at school.  Except not really.

A few weeks ago, we were informed that today would be the 6th grade's pajamas/read all day day.  I was totally excited because the last time we had one of those I was in 4th grade.

For read all day days (more commonly known as RAD days,) you bring a few books, a pillow or two, and read all day.  But ours was special, because in the afternoon we watched Despicable Me and ate popcorn.  It was so much fun.

It really seems like so long ago we sat in the same classroom, eating different snacks and watching Elf.  Really, it was only about 3 weeks ago.

The reading was great.  I was halfway finished with The Help, and I got very close to finishing it and just finished it about ten minutes ago.  It is a fantastic book.

I felt underdressed because I wore yoga pants because I don't have any pajama pants that I wouldn't freeze in. Not that I have a problem with sleeping in leggings or shorts, but it's still nice to have real pajama pants sometimes.

Overall, it was a lot of fun.  Everyone liked my red streak, so I want to put in a picture of it.

 Me, after I bleached it.  My hair is too dark to work without bleaching it, and it turned out really blonde.
The finished product.  The picture isn't great, and it looks better in real life.  But you get the idea.

I hope the rest of the school year is as fun as today was.


Nix Azrael said...

Happy birthday, Cupcake!

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