Penny For My Thoughts

It's this new concept I've thought of.  When people say, "A penny for your thoughts?" apparently it means "I'll give you a penny if you tell me what's on your mind."

So I figured something out: You can eliminate the asking part, and just tell someone, "Penny for my thoughts."

I've even worked out a scene that uses it, to show you how it goes.

Person A: Penny for my thoughts.
Person B: Okay.
Person A: I really hate Justin Bieber. There's nothing to eat at home, and I haven't been bowling in eight years.  I need new shoes, and my toenails are too short. I have an essay on Mark Twain due yesterday. Who's Mark Twain? I threw up on a roller coaster when I was five.  I'm a faster typist than you. My TV is broken, and my socks are hurting my phalanges.  And yesterday I lost my voice. But I got it back.  I met a fairy yesterday.
Person B: ...
Person A: You owe me a penny.

Great, isn't it?

Let me tell you about my Thursday.

My class went on a field trip... skiing.  Super cool.

We don't live in a great area for skiing, but there's a place that makes their snow and has skiing about 45 minutes away from our school.  So we brought gear to school, and we went on a bus ride to the place.

Skiing is awesome. It was a real workout, which is something I didn't know.  I'd never been skiing before, so it was all really new to me.  But it was the FUNNEST THING EVER.

We did ski school in the morning, even the people who had been skiing a ton.  It took me a while to get everything down, but I finally got it and made my way over to where everyone else was skiing.

So much fun.

And now, you owe me a penny.

It's brilliant, isn't it?


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