Not Really The Louis We Were Looking For

My class just finished reading A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, by E.L. Konisburg. It's about Eleanor of Aquitaine and her two husbands.  If you don't know anything about her, she

  • married King Louis VII of France, and had 2 kids.  When they got divorced, she
  • married King Henry II of England, and had 8 kids.  He put her in prison.
  • her great-grandson was Louis IX, Saint Louis.  

Today we were on Google in class, searching the Internet for pictures of her and other people and things mentioned in the book.  The boy next to me searched "Louis VII" into Google images.  He found portraits of the king, as well as a picture of a purse.  He looked at the purse, and exclaimed, "Cool! Someone named a purse after him!"

When the girl on his other side and I looked at his screen, this is the 
picture he was pointing at:
We laughingly explained to him that the purse was Louis Vuitton, and that Louis Vuitton is a designer.

I'm still laughing.


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